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I knew y’all would have a gif set of this by morning.


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#steve is like what #someone’s playing galaga #wait i don’t know what galaga is #shit what if it’s important #is it a sport #is it a band #is it a board game #like monopoly #(thank god they still have monopoly) #god i’d better just look #it’s behind me isn’t it #there is nothing behind me #GOSH DARN IT 21ST CENTURY

I like how many parts of the movie you realize Thor, Steve, and Loki really do not know what the fuck is going on.

I just want a movie with Thor, Steve and Loki attempting to figure out this century. LIke, no action, no adventure, no explosions. Just wifi.

And then every so often Tony shows up and just rolls his eyes as Loki screams at the toaster, demanding for it to surrender his breakfast.

You guys really just want an Avengers sitcom, don’t you

God, yes

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Here are the most DUMBEST reasons to break up with someone.






Has anyone of you done any of these to someone?

VERY Dumb.

I won’t even have the heart to say these to anyone -.-

Actually… a friend of mine totally broke up with her boyfriend months back with #3 lol

^ that sucks for the guy…

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